A cheap VW beetle is the place to start if you want a classic car

If you’re looking for the a cheap classic car then you can’t go past a cheap VW beetle.

The VW beetle is an all-time classic automobile. Just about everyone recognizes the beetle, and it’s probably the best car that Volkswagon have ever produced. It’s without doubt their bestseller over the life of VW.

The name “beetle” was not one given to the vehicle by Volkswagen itself. Although just about everybody knows the beetle by this name it is in fact a nickname, derived from the German word Kafer, meaning beetle. Some people know it as the VW “bug”.

The beetle was originally designed and marketed as the Volkswagon type 1. It was so successful that by 1955 1 million beetles had been built.

It used a rear mounted air cooled motor of around 1100 to 1500 cc. Although that may be small by modern standards the beetle was more powerful than many cars available in its day, and it became hugely popular and a bestseller.

The basic design of the VW beetle was different to most other cars. The motor was mounted at the back of the car and the luggage space was at the front. And despite the fact that most engines were cooled by water the motor for the VW beetle was air cooled, being an effective way to maintain engine temperature and also engine life.

Cheap VW Beetle

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During the 1950s and 60s the beetle went through many changes, however the basic beetle shaped remain the same. Even in the 1970s the basic beetle shape was completely recognisable.

Unfortunately however competition from other makes and models slowly created the decline of the Volkswagen beetle, and eventually Volkswagen moved to producing the Volkswagen Golf. Although the Golf was very successful there is no doubt that the VW beetle was the star of Volkswagon’s automobile production.

Production of the VW beetle continued however, however numbers produced declined dramatically and by 2003 the final type 1 VW beetle was produced in Mexico, 65 years after the launch of the original. More than 20 million vehicles had been produced and sold over the 65 year period. However eventually, with a complete redesign, the vehicle made its way back onto the market and it is still possible in some places to buy a current VW beetle.

Classic car collecting is a passion for many people, and for many the VW beetle is one of the finest classic cars. Because there were so many built it’s still possible to pick up a cheap VW beetle, and when fully restored they look wonderful. For anyone looking to own a classic car you can do worse than finding yourself a cheap VW beetle and getting started restoring it.

Here’s a short video featuring some cool redesigns of the classic VW Beetle

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